In Work as in Life, I Live by Four Simple Principles.

These principles keep me on course and facilitate every business and social interaction I have. This week's principle is below. Principle 3: Make Big Mistakes Small mistakes are the thoughtless things we all do when we're not paying attention. They are a waste of time and resources, and are neither instructive nor constructive. On the other hand, big, planned, highly organized mistakes are valuable. They usually turn out to be productive in the end. Big mistakes are sometimes the result when you take calculated risks. Making big mistakes is the occasional byproduct of making big strides. Big mistakes can only occur when you've planned and thought things through. You would have prepared contingencies in case your current strategy doesn’t work. If your carefully laid plan turns out to be a mistake, it may cost you. But it will also give you exactly the information you need to modify your strategy or change your course. You learn, you adjust, and you come back with a stronger, more impactful approach that works. In the long run, big mistakes are the best feedback we ever get. The most successful people in life are those who make the best use of their mistakes. If you missed my preview posts, get caught up here: Principle 1: Tell the Truth Principle 2: Make Partners

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