The Ideal Client

I once heard someone say, The smaller the niche, the more you get rich". Sounds weird, doesn't it, but it proves to be true. The first thing I ask my SCORE marketing clients is, "who is your customer?" You'd be surprised by 80% of the clients who answer, 'everyone'.

Everyone is not an ideal client. Everyone is not someone to which you can direct your marketing. Everyone doesn't exist. When you take time to define who is your ideal client - age, lifestyle, buying habits, economic level, etc. - you can narrow down your marketing to where they live and work directing your time, talents and money only toward qualified prospects. This is especially true now when the the majority of successful marketing is done either online or in physical networking.

What blogs are your clients reading and are you considered an expert on those blogs? Knowing what web sites they use for reference tells you what sites are good links for you. If you know what networking groups they belong to, you can join those groups, also. By identifying your strategic partners you help your partners, yourself and your client.

Start with the biggest problem you can solve and then determine in great detail who has that problem. Of course, the chain doesn't stop there as now that you know who they are you have make yourself known, build their trust and develop a strong relationship. Sounds like a lot of work, well, it is, but well worth it. If you are reading this you are probably already on your way to successfully knowing your client. Congratulations.

Tell me more - how did you figure out your client niche? Does this rule work for you? Did for me. Wish I had known it sooner.

Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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