Every Contact Matters- The Value of Your List November 8, 2018, 1:45pm EST November 8, 2018, 1:45pm EST
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Whether you’re a fully-established business or just opening your doors, the relationships that you make and the manner in which you communicate with your customers and prospects will have a significant impact on your success.

In the world of email marketing, your list has tremendous potential value -- value that “doing the same old thing” or “taking no action at all” won’t tap. In this mobile-first era, it’s imperative to rethink how that message is being delivered and consumed. 

Attending this webinar presented by Matthew Montoya with Constant Contact, will help you answer the questions you should be thinking about:

  • Could you or your employees be doing a better job when asking for information?
  •  Is your business utilizing all of the available tools at your disposal to collect information securely?  
  • Are you following through on your promise to provide relevant information (that’s delivered in a way they’ll want to consume it) to those that want to hear from you?   

If you haven't thought about your email marketing strategy in a while (or ever), now is the time!

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About the Presenter(s)

Matthew Montoya - Constant Contact

Matthew's extensive background has helped thousands of small businesses rethink their email marketing strategy to meet the demands of today's subscriber's expectations.

Partner Enablement and Training Manager, Constant Contact
Every Contact Matters- The Value of Your List