Use social media to tell the story of your brand. Make your story memorable (and shareable) by having a hero, a goal, an obstacle, a mentor and a moral.


My Story, Inc.

Tasha Oldham
Venice, CA
SCORE Mentor
Tom Patty, Linda Bidrossian




The Client:

After years in the television and film industry, Tasha Oldham was ready for a change. In 2010 she launched My Story, Inc., which creates evocative, documentary-style films that help clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies tell their stories and connect with customers emotionally.

The Challenge:

“I didn’t want to be a freelancer at the whims of others anymore,” says Oldham. “I wanted to create my own life, but I didn’t see anyone [in film and television] creating the life I wanted.” Oldham needed to start a business—but had no business background and no idea where to begin.

The Solution:

“I never had a traditional business plan, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a plan for my business,” says Oldham. SCORE mentors Tom Patty and Linda Bidrossian showed Oldham how to make her dream a reality one step at a time. “They reminded me to ask every day, ‘What’s one thing you can do today to move your business forward?’ ” Being held accountable for progress, with regular assignments to complete, was key for Oldham.

Patty also urged her to set big goals, encouraging Oldham to get an agent, direct commercials and expand beyond small business clients to target Fortune 500 firms. Patty and Bidrossian’s emotional support was crucial: “I had no experience whatsoever, and they really encouraged me.”

Finally, Oldham learned to market with social media. “Treat it like any networking or social event: Find people you want to know more about, engage in conversation and be real,” she says. Sharing its films online helps My Story tell its story concisely and stay on-brand. “Each of our films tell a story,” says Oldham. “Leveraging compelling storytelling in social media, and all aspects of our marketing, engages and makes us memorable.”

As My Story grew, SCORE mentors helped Oldham develop systems to handle the growth. “We systematized [everything] from how you answer the phone to how you set up a shot,” Oldham says.

The Results:

Now with five employees and a stable of freelancers, My Story has seen sales double every year except 2013, when Oldham welcomed her first child. She is working with SCORE mentors to transition to more of an overseer role. “I don’t have to work hundred-hour weeks anymore,” she says happily. “I can run the business, take the projects I want to take and still spend time with my daughter.”

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