Kim Odeen has worked with animals since 1991, first as a veterinary assistant and then as a bather and groomer. It wasn’t until 2006 that she made the decision to strike out on her own and start a pet grooming business. 

A full two years of research and planning later, her dream became a reality. During those two years, Odeen developed a thorough business plan with the help of her SCORE mentor, and also trained a future employee, her daughter, in the pet grooming trade.

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My Successes: 

Kim’s Animal House has grown into an all-breed, full-service pet grooming salon including a retail section that offers high-quality holistic foods, treats and products. The salon now employs three full-time employees, including Kim’s daughter, Ariel.

How SCORE Helped: 

“The biggest obstacles we had were organization, bookkeeping and accounting," Odeen says. "Jim Williams, our SCORE mentor, helped us find a great accountant that helped us get everything in order and even amended our prior year tax returns which saved us a lot of money. It has enabled me to spend more time on marketing our business and has led us to double our sales.”

Kim's Animal House